What's on Tap

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We're a small brewery with the ability to brew a few styles in house at any one time. We rotate our styles and provide guest taps for some of our local breweries with a few of our favorite beers to fill in the gaps.
In the spirit of variety, we also carry spirits and PBR for the domestic lager drinkers (but also because it makes us think of Isabella Rossolini)

Our Beers:
* -> Rat Bastard Pale Ale
* -> Dirty Rat I.P.A.
* -> Stable Genius E.S.B.
* -> Clear Cut Brut I.P.A.
* -> Donkey Punch Pils
* -> Bush Wacker Wheat
* -> Squirrel Tickler Cream Ale
Guest Beers:
* Bear's Racer 5 IPA

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