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Stable Genius ESB

Stable Genius is our Extra Special Bastard.
We combine English and American pale malts, with a balanced Pacific North West hop profile.
Think balanced, session IPA (but since there's no such thing as a session IPA we're calling it an ESB*).
Probably a bit bigger, more brash and boastful than your standard, traditional, technically correct ESB but:
1) What stable genius isn't; and,
2) Standard + Traditional + Appropriate ≠ Bastard. That's just science.

* There's probably no such thing as a "Stable Genius" either ... if there was we'd have called it "Raging Moderate".

On the heels of this theme ... Coming soon:
Our Sextuple ESB. We haven't decided whether to call it "Bureaucratic Efficiency", "Congressional Deliberation" or "California Forest Management" (either way, it will have to be ordered well in advance and in triplicate).

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