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Rat Bastard Pale Ale

Rat Bastard Pale Ale was the first beer brewed here at Stumptown and a Blue Ribbon winner at the California State Fair. It really was a beer that named itself (although many of the regulars here will tell you it was named in their honor).

Rat Logo In an effort to get our first beer brewed and aged in time for the Santa Rosa Beer Festival (at the LBC) we found ourselves lacking a few key ingredients. They included grain and yeast. We borrowed some grain from Third Street Aleworks, some more from Bear Republic , and Brian at Moonlight Brewing was kind enough to lend us a couple of kegs to put it in.

Anyway, what is the Rat Bastard Pale Ale? Jay Brooks of the (Brookston Beer Bulletin) said "The Rat Bastard is a well-made pale ale, with good aromas and a crisp, clean palate. It has a generous hop bite that finishes bitter, then drops off sharply in the end."
The Rat is a very chuggable drop. Coming in at just under 6%, it's a fine session beer with a clean dry finish. With its balanced hop profile the Rat is crisp on the tongue and pleasant (slightly floral with some citrus) to the nose, without over powering it's malt character.
Our favorite review "This tastes like beer".

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