Hows the Weather?

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Looking Out the Window

Current Observation at
the Stumptown Weather Station
View From the StumpCam

It's a thirst provoking

Here's a table of Who Gets Wet and When.
We take on water when the Guerneville Bridge hits 41'6".

For More Detailed / Historical Data from Stumpy's Weather Station
Visit Our Weather Underground Site

Russian River Water Level and Flow Rate

River Levels since 2005 Flood at:
Hacienda Bridge
Guerneville Bridge

Guidance Plot at Guerneville Bridge

Warning: Levels identified as "guidance" have signficant uncertainty due to future weather and / or reservoir regulation and are provided for planning purposes only.

Lifted from California Dept. of Water Resources

Great View of Stumptown

Sat Pic

Lifted from the U.S. National Weather Service

North Bay Swell Heights

Swell Heights

Lifted from CDIP

What They Say

Current Temperature, Winds, Humidity and Forecasts (The Weather Underground)
Nine Day Forecast (From NOAA)

Post it The weather info is for Santa Rosa - our closest metropolis.
For best results subtract 5 - 10 degrees from the highs and add 5 - 10 degrees to the lows.
(We at Stumptown suggest you accept the report closest serving your needs)

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