Who Gets Wet And When

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Not On The Russian River ... In It

Level in Feet
Measured from Guerneville Bridge

Feet Town Location
32.0 Guerneville:Lower Mill Street
Monte Rio: Old Bohemian Highway
32.5 Guerneville: Neeley Road; Mays Canyon Road
33.0 Guerneville: Drake Road (below bridge) @ Pee Wee Golf; River Nursery
Monte Rio: Willow and Alder Streets
Forestville: Mirabel Trailer park
34.0 Guerneville: Riverside Park, Johnson's Resort, Creekside Resort, Neeley Road
Northwood: Lower Northwood Drive
35.0 Guerneville: Parker's resort on Neeley Road; West Sonoma Inn on Hwy 116
36.0 Guerneville: Fern Grove lower cabins
37.0 Guerneville: Mill and 5th Streets
Monte Rio: River Boulevard at Heller
38.0 Duncans Mills: Portions of Freezeout Road
39.0 Hacienda: River road begins to close
Rio Nido: Canyon 7 Road at miniature golf course
Guerneville: Triple R Resort
39.5 Hacienda: Basements in homes on River Road take in water
Guerneville: Guerneville school yard
Monte Rio: Hwy 116 at D Street
40.0 Guerneville: Dada's True Value Hardware
Northwood: Upper Redwood Drive
Cazadero: Austin Creek Road Closes
40.5 Guerneville: River Antiques on 116, Buck's Restaurant; River Road Closes
41.5 Guerneville: Stumptown Brewery at Midway Beach
Monte Rio: Main Intersection Closes
42.0 Guerneville: River Road at Morningside Dr.
Monte Rio: Old School (Sweetwater Springs Water Co.)
43.0 Guerneville: Hwy. 116 at Surrey Resort and Gym (La Tapatia) Closed
44.0 Guerneville: River Lane at Vacation Beach
45.0 Flood Crest Jan. 1, 1997
45.0 Monte Rio: Bartlett's Store
46.0 Rio Nido: River Road Overflows
Guerneville: Main Intersection Begins to Overflow
47.0 Guerneville: Businesses on North Side of Main Street
47.4 Flood Crest Dec. 23, 1964
47.6 Flood Crest Dec. 23, 1955
48.0 Flood Crest Jan. 9, 1995
48.5 Guerneville: Vet's Hall, Sheriff's Substation
49.5 Flood Crest Feb. 18, 1986

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